FAQ - Sponsored Job Postings

How do the Sponsored Job Postings work?

When you submit a job posting to PostJobsNow it will automatically be sent to and as a Sponsored Job Posting as well as a regular posting. Each job will be highlighted above the job search results when it closely matches a job seeker’s search.

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Is there an extra charge for Sponsored Jobs?

No, sponsored job postings for and are included in the posting price. We use a set budget which is included in the posting price so there are no additional fees. All you have to do is submit your jobs and we will handle the rest.

What are the benefits of Sponsored Jobs?

They provide highly targeted candidates since they are displayed based on the job seekers’ search queries as well as maximize the exposure for each job posting.

Need support or more information?

Please contact our support department for technical issues and our sales team for bulk pricing and package questions by clicking here.

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Posting Length: 20 Days

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# of Jobs: 1
Posting Length: 30 Days

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60 Day Job Posting


# of Jobs: 1
Posting Length: 60 Days

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